The "4th Workshop in Stochastic Modeling" is organized by the probability and statistics groups of University of São Paulo at São Carlos and the Federal University of São Carlos, located in São Carlos, São Paulo State, Brazil. This meeting arose as an initiative of an FAPESP thematic project/grant entitled Stochastic Modeling of Interacting Systems, which aims at bringing together the probabilists from the organizing centers, other important universities in São Paulo state and invited participants from both national and international institutions.

This fourth edition is intended to be a forum to discuss some new developments in the probability theory and its applications, as e.g. stochastic processes, percolation, random walks, interacting particle systems, random graphs, stochastic calculus and their applications in biology, economy and physics. The activities will include conferences, short talks, poster sessions and a short course devoted to undergraduate and master students.

The meeting will take place alternately at the Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences (ICMC-USP) and at the UFSCar campus, in São Carlos (located about 230 km northwards of São Paulo city, 150 km northwards the city of Campinas). Together, these institutions are responsible for the recently created Joint Graduate Program in Statistics DEs-UFSCar/ICMC-USP.

Organization and Support